HOME Documentary

Documentary Film
Concept and Direction: Neyde Lantyer
In progress since 2008


In the 1990’s, for the first time, Brazilians were engaged in a process of leaving the country, searching for a better life elsewhere. Along two decades, slowly but continuously, a great number of Brazilians have migrated, most of them in consequence of a long term economic crises. Usually, Brazilians do not have big problems in integrating. The Brazilian culture knows that that integration means joining. As part of the Western culture, they acknowledge it, assimilate it and adjust – tough, the assimilation doesn’t hinder them from remaining Brazilians. Recently, positive signs of achievements of the Brazilian government began to point out a reverse in the “exodus”. With the recent economic growth, Brazilian immigrants around the world start considering going back home. But, is that possible? Does that unforgettable place still exist? Is home still there?

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