Me and my girlfriends as feminist posters


A poster is a potent form of mass communication, frequently used as a vehicle for all activisms as well as in commercial and official propaganda. The “genre” also works as a form of “art-ephemera”, as seen in “Me and my girl friends…”. The series is the result of a 20-years image progression of the artist’s female friends portraits to resemble the feminist iconography. 

Having as start point a series of photographs taken in 1994-95, the work embodies the personal history of each woman and her own journey into life, from young girls to mature women – some single mothers, some house-wives, some PHDs, some standing alone, some artists, some living as immigrant in far away countries – while refers to a mythological journey of the female hero.

“Me and my girlfriends as feminist posters” is a tribute to a long time friendship and to the lives of common women. But the series specially speaks of Lantyer’s working process with her archive photographs been the basis for experimentation in different techniques along the years.

Me and my girlfriends as feminist posters

Prints, edited photographs

Dimensions: A0 each

Year: 1995-2005-2015


Check the galleries of images here below:

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