“Quem inventou a fome são os que comem”

The words of writer Carolina de Jesus (1914 – 1977), a black woman who lived in extreme poverty when began to write have been, recently, mirrored by the famous declaration of former President Lula da Silva about his dream that “every Brazilian shall eat 3 meals a day”.

45 million people rose out from poverty in Brazil – a continental unequal nation – during 13 years of leftist governments. However, the colonialist financing ruling class – “those who eat” – decided to reinvent hunger and in 2016, the democratically elected president Dilma Rousseff was deposed by means of fake juridical allegations, hauling the country into chaos.

I want to create a dialogue between Carolina and Lula’s perspective and the still-lives of Albert Eckhout’s – an artist who arrived with the Dutch invasion of the Northeast of Brazil in the 17th century – to remember the eternal lust for the Brazilian natural resources by the imperialistic nations along history. The cornucopia of the ‘fruits of the Earth’, sensually represented by the Dutch artist, encompasses the dream of the former president and the paradox of Brazil.

19a. Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira – Portugal
“Quem inventou a fome são os que comem” Photohraphs, prints and banner
Variable dimensions


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