3 Stories and a Poem

Composed by a series of 4 short videos made out of text, colour and music, the work speaks of identity and displacement feelings. 3 videos tell a story each, and the last one recites a poem. The stories are short narratives of events experienced by the artist as an immigrant in Europe (being herself a South American woman living n Holland) and the poem is a reflection on the same subject.

The stories interconnect 03 layers of the experience she is interested in communicating: being a migrant + been a woman + been an artist, all together. All the stories contains light discomfort, light humor and lots of poetry.

The videos mixtures 3 different inputs (text, colour and music) to create an exciting – and at the same time confusing – experience for the spectator while following the narrative. The intention is offering an almost physical experience and a deep sensorial impression, by means of strong chromatic appeal, happy loud music and the slow pace of the text.


Check the gallery of images here below:


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