Body, Weight and Volume

The books-objects “Clarice”, “Florbela”, “Frida”, “Lou” and “Tracey” are volumes written by or about women. Originally containing the creative thoughts and lives of its authors, now they are shut, perforated and sealed with mooring, painting, gluing and devoid of their original content, which is embedded in the object but inaccessible. The work appropriates and dissects the books from their original function turning them merely in body, weight and volume.

Deliberately a violent act, the impediment to the content of the books is intended to recall the repressed and enclosed creative thinking, evoking the silencing of women over time and history. The sealed book becomes a symbol that represents the silence of each particular women and their universe.


Title: “Body, weight, volume

Technique: books, perforations, strings, collage and painting

Variable dimensions


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