4 Cantos Project


The project makes an intersection between memory, travel and ancestry, using the movement in space and the incident of ‘unusual experiences’ – physical, psychological, social and aesthetic – to provoke the awakening of a new repertoire of memories and the unfolding of the poetic experience.


I am interested in bringing into play fragments of memories of issues such as belonging, migration and society, feminism, the female psyche and the worldwide memory of women.


Constantly re-created by our experiences, memory is a continuum of images that contain our identity. It is a subjective place that manifests itself in unforeseen contours and where we are transported to sometimes conscious, sometimes unconsciously. One of the questions that permeate my work is: how to simulate the substrate of memory and delineate its visual representation?


1st Canto / corner: Samos Island, Greece


Check the galleries of images here below:

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