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11 Mar 2018

The Female Body in Transit

The female body is ascribed different meanings at different geographies and historical periods. It self-identifies also differently. Women of colour or, in the Netherlands, niet-Westerse allochtone vrouwen, experience their bodies in a range of ways in their travels between their countries of birth or of the country of their (grand) parents and the Netherlands. The very same female body might be perceived (and objectified) as non-Western exotic in the Netherlands and as Western and foreign where one has her cultural […]

26 Nov 2017
10 Jan 2017

Ocupação Jardim

Occupy the garden / “Ocupacão Jardim” MAB – MUSEU DE ARTE DA BAHIA – SALVADOR- BRAZIL ANDREA MAY / DANIELA STEELE / DÔRA ARAÚJO / ENEIDA SANCHES & STELLA CARROZZO / NEYDE LANTYER Collective art exhibition Laboratory for Art Experimentations of Museu de Arte da Bahia – MAB Salvador – Brazil Jan-Fev 2018 Project by Neyde Lantyer Every garden is a symbol of paradise on earth, an allusion to the “Garden of Eden”, created by God to be inhabited by his […]