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18 Dec 2017

“Who invented hunger…” – CEDLA, Amsterdam

The artwork is been exhibited at Cedla, the Center for Latin-American Studies in Amsterdam from 08 December 2017 until 20 January 2018. “QUEM INVENTOU A FOME SÃO OS QUE COMEM (Who invented hunger are those who eat)” Writer Carolina de Jesus (1914-1977), a black woman who lived in extreme poverty when began to write, pronounced the phrase above in the 60s. Her words are mirrored by the world-famous statement of President Lula da Silva in his inauguration (Jan/2003) about his […]

16 Apr 2017

Bienal de Cerveira 2017

My work was selected for the 19th Bienal de Cerveira 2017, Portugal. Openning 15 July Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.