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18 Dec 2017

“Who invented hunger…” – CEDLA, Amsterdam

The artwork is been exhibited at Cedla, the Center for Latin-American Studies in Amsterdam from 08 December 2017 until 20 January 2018. “QUEM INVENTOU A FOME SÃO OS QUE COMEM (Who invented hunger are those who eat)” Writer Carolina de Jesus (1914-1977), a black woman who lived in extreme poverty when began to write, pronounced the phrase above in the 60s. Her words are mirrored by the world-famous statement of President Lula da Silva in his inauguration (Jan/2003) about his […]

12 Jul 2017

The coup against Dilma Rousseff was misogynous and classist

(Image: © Lantyer/Rodchenko – appropriation of Rodchenko poster to the currently massive scream in Brazil, #ForaTemer”) Good evening, To provide a hint into the current situation in Brazil isn’t an easy task and I am not a specialist. I’ll share with you some basic ideas that I hope will help you to understand the current situation in my country. 1 – ORIGINS – Brazil has a very short democratic experience. The Brazilian middle-class mentality likes to think of itself as modern but in […]

02 Oct 2014

Voto Dilma 13! E que vença A melhor!

Foram semanas intensas grudada no computador, empenhando todos os meus modestos esforços pelo que considero fundamental: que o Brasil continue avançando em todas as frentes, especialmente nas conquistas sociais que marcaram a última década, com os governos de Lula e Dilma e que estas conquistas se expandam para todos as esferas, contemplando cada vez mais nossos desejos e utopias. Quando saí do Brasil há 17 anos, nos tempos do tenebroso governo FHC, experimentei a total desimportância do nosso país lá fora. […]