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Time Out


Time Out is a series of photographs taken with iPhones. It is a work in progress, which has been built for 3 years.

The work is a contemplation of a specific aspect of the Dutch summer, referring to the spaces and temporary leisure enterprises that appear in the cities, but also in their suburbs and industrial areas, at this time of the year.

The Netherlands is a country with an unstable climate, predominantly cloudy and windy, and even the long-awaited summer sometimes comes precariously and passes quickly, giving way to a longer period of cold and low light – hence the need to “forge “Solar” environments here and there. The series portrays events, publicity, landscaping, collective actions, temporary roofing of buildings, and all kinds of artificially created artifacts to stimulate outdoor living, intensifying the sense of light and color.

Often multicolored in their temporary architecture and intentionally alternative atmosphere, such spaces and endeavors refer back to the hippy summers of yesteryear, to counter-culture, and to free festivals and markets that emerged spontaneously, marking the 1960s and 1970s.

These summer spaces are designed and built from a varied range of concepts, encompassing music festivals, theater and dance, outdoor cinema and markets of all kinds, from second-hand and popular design to sustainable and organic. Organized in the past by small local producers, artisans and artists from all areas, these projects were, today, appropriated by the system, becoming a large paid entertainment industry with a strong commercial structure to sustain them.

I am particularly interested in the contradiction between familiarity and estrangement, and the change of pattern which, while representing a movement embedded in the imaginary and the Dutch way of life, also speaks of temporality, illusion and search for rooting and consolidation of a culture leisure and well-being that only emerged in the post-war country.

The ephemerality, the lack of photographic refinement and the trivialization of the camera phones seem to me appropriate to portray the subject.

© Neyde Lantyer
Netherlands, 2011-2014.
All rights reserved.

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