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Ocupação Jardim

Occupy the garden / “Ocupacão Jardim”


Collective art exhibition
Laboratory for Art Experimentations of Museu de Arte da Bahia – MAB Salvador – Brazil
Jan-Fev 2018
Project by Neyde Lantyer

Every garden is a symbol of paradise on earth, an allusion to the “Garden of Eden”, created by God to be inhabited by his first human creatures. The allegory of the garden is a promise of wonder and speaks of a place of peace and beauty.
In the biblical tradition, the garden is often alluded as a luxuriant place where “every tree is pleasant to the sight and good for food” however, two trees are forbidden, the “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil”. That brings the other face of the garden, a place where beauty is overflowing, but nevertheless full of contradictions. The mysterious and obscure garden uncovers eroticism, sex, violence and death, as a scary “wonderland” where Alice (Lewis Carrol) gets lost in the maze of her own unconscious.

The exhibition “Occupy the Garden” was conceived as an explosion of botanical forms, created from a variety of artistic views and techniques, representing both the light and the dark sides of the garden. Interrelated in the exhibition space, installations of a group of female artists on the theme will mix their creative experiences, stirring up perplexities, revisiting fears, gardening to the heart of the world. The project aims to represent the daydreams, the pains and pleasures of the moment in which we live in, the accelerated destruction of nature by man, love and death, and the ever-renewed chimera of a better world.


ANDREA MAY is a multi-artist working with drawing, paiting, sounds, video-art and street art. Plus a great deal of her work is in the toy-art (she was one of the pioneers). Currently, got international visibility with her work with experimental music in projects such as “Tara- Code” and “LuveBox”. May is Spanish-Brazilian who lived in Canada, where she developed most of her researches in Visual Arts. Back in Brazil, she coordinates the Collective Atelier VISIO and works as an art-producer and as a curator.

“JARDInoise – a visual-sound compost”
Sound works (live performance at opening) drawings, collage on wall 2018

Aiming to perform at the opening, a double work composed of a sound piece and a visual intervention, both connected by the theme of the show and also by the gluing technique. Thus was born JARDInoise, a visual and sound compost.
The inspiration came from the reuse of procedural waste: the audio was composed of fragments of audios exchanged with the participating artists. The wall is a composition by several textures and drawings from my series “Jarding”, from January 2017.
For the sound work collage I selected sections where words gain new dimensions with the use of software along with some loops and beats. As for the visual work, I used magazine clippings, selecting organic colors and textures to shuffle the exotic flowers superimposed on collage by the lambe-lick technique (Street Art).
The final edited track will be performed live accompanied by sound textures of a Monotribe (analog synthesizer) approaching the procedural noise that mixes poetry, aesthetic friction, enthusiasm and even gagging, generating a continuous artistic noise connected with the collage on the wall of the gallery, to remain as a trace of my presence in this project.


DANIELA STEELE is an ardent and unstoppable artist who draws and paints large size portraits, makes art in the public space, creates light installations and scenography or theatre plays. Her approach to painting is evocative of the cosmetic images, exploring beauty, fame and a lost glamour and decay found in photo-novel magazines and B-movies.
Steele’s work denounces an irresistible attraction for the glossy, the cliché and the eroticism. It is inserted in the typical aesthetics of the 90’s, when the body and its iconography adds self- compliant and narcissistic practices, related to feminine stereotypes. Daniela Steele is Brazilian and lived for a long time in Portugal; currently, she works in both countries.

“By a Wire”
(In collaboration with CHANNEL LIGHTING & EVENTS) Installation with light / light-sculpture.
The effect of the shape of light in an empty darkroom of Steele’s light installation “By a wire”, provoked a strong sensorial impact. As parte of the exhibition “Occupy the garden”, at MAB, Salvador, the giant flower made with light and placed in a black room attracted a great deal of the public’s attention. The light work had a curious appeal, with an interactive and mesmerizing effect in the audience even though wasn’t thought that way.


DORA ARAÚJO is an artist dedicated to textile, bordure and crochet techniques. She creates textile-sculptures and wearable arts and installations and accumulates it all together creating a density of a labyrinth while induces the public to a hide-seek experience. Araújo is in an attempt to create her own world, which is blooming in a multiple colourful and enigmatic plantation as an ode to Nature and the natural pleasures.

“I’m going to create a garden for this world is too strange”
Installation with soft sculptures – a garden of multi-coloured organic shapes created from textile materials, crochet and embroidery techniques
Variable dimensions

The work presented at “Occupy the garden” is a large installation of forms and shapes from botanic and animal inspiration, hanging from the ceiling of a large room. In fact, Dora Araújo transferred her very own fantasy garden to the Bahia Museum of Art, a work developed along many years of a daily practice concerned with the accelerated devastation of the planet by the spoiling of its natural resources.
Araújo’s forma resembles the drawings of the natural catalogues created by the artists- explorers of the 17 century, travelling with the “discovery” expeditions with the mission of depicting Brazil’s nature for the first time.
Dora Araújo wearable art

ENEIDA SANCHES (in collaboration with STELLA CARROZZO)

ENEIDA SANCHES has a body of work in the traditional technique of metal gravure while presents it in large contemporary installations with sizes up to 5×5 meters. Sanches mixes long-established drawing and printing fashions with minimalistic modern themes in a practice which denounces an obsession with the repetition of shapes and an iconographic repertoire rooted in the Brazilian Afro-religion and the concept of “transe” as a socio-religious phenomenon and collective representation of the Afro-Bahian culture and its historic immanency.

STELLA CARROZZO is a visual artist and a teacher who has her artistic work based on theatre and performance. She is also an experimented curator and a former director of de Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia – MAM_BA.

“Sweet Places, Invitation to Talk”
Site Specific 2018
The duo of artists created a path with leaves and branches of fresh plants going throughout the exhibition space until the outside garden of the gallery. The trail conducted to a site where mats were set-up inviting for sitting or laying-down for relaxed and intimate talks with the person sit next.
The work makes a poetic reference to the everyday life using soft interventions in the space to suggest a new context for conversations and exchanges. The proposal of Sanches and Carrozzo offered a relaxed atmosphere for connections while reflected on the modern life in the Brazilian cities where the traffic, the rush and the urban violence alienates the public space from reunions and encounters.


NEYDE LANTYER is an independent researcher in photography and memory presented in the form of talk and story telling, installations, objects, photographs and video. Her work is a search in memory for facts and stories to function as a channel for connecting present and past. She is interested in a continuous search in memory to disclose a hidden (or imaginary) past where she can rescue and rewrite women’s stories and, consequently, her owns. Her themes are love, death, personal relationships and feminism.

“For Elisa”
Installation with photo-prints on fabric and paper, fresh flowers, small photos, objects and music (“Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven)
The installation with prints of silhouettes of women lying on blooming colorful flower gardens, plus fresh flowers dying along the exhibition period and a sound track, resembled a cemetery. The work was made in memoriam of Eliza Samúdio, a young woman assassinated by her romantic partner in 2010 in Brazil. Confronting feminicide with romanticism to reflect on the murder of women perpetrated within the relationship by her partner, Lantyer’s installation displayed in the entrance room of the exhibition space generated a mix of curiosity and commotion.
The artist used the corners of the room to build small altars inspired in the mourning places with flowers and photographs seen in locations of violent deaths. She placed small pictures of couples and several objects related to romance such as hearts, valentine cards, flowers, love letters and similar, addressing the assassinations of women and ultimately the very myth of the romantic love.

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